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13 July 2016

13/07/2016 - Teaching | Open Guard | Knee Cut Counter (Turn)

Teaching #530
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 13/07/2016

Another option for countering the knee cut is to establish some grips. Grab their same side knee, gripping their collar with your opposite hand. Shrimp in towards the far knee, stiff arming with your grips to knock them over. Nathan Adamson has a variation on this, as instead of the far knee he grasps their same side wrist and shoves it in towards them. That has the advantage of giving you powerful passing grips when you come up on top.


Teaching Notes: Sparring with Milka, I'd tried more reverse de la Riva stuff. Could that be the answer? There isn't a magic bullet to open guard, of course, but I should try this more. Simon has been looking into it a good bit, time I picked it back up again. I particularly like what he mentioned at the open mat on Tuesday, where you can do an easy tripod sweep off it (you're grabbing the heel with the opposite hand, but otherwise, much the same position).

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