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26 July 2016

26/07/2016 - Open Mat | Quarter Guard

Class #758
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 26/07/2016

Chris went through some quarter guard material he learned at the UK BJJ Globetrotter camp in Bournemouth last week, taught by dance maestro Bruno. The first was a rolling back take (I think the same one I taught a while ago, though I need to review that as I'm not as confident with it as I'd like), then a method of securing the pass by swinging your leg over. You need to bring your quarter-guarded knee across their body, swinging your other leg around their head, resulting in both your legs on the same side. Securing a strong cross face, it should then be much easier to complete the pass.

If you're cross facing and they shove into your head with an arm, knock it across to move into an arm triangle position. Headstand to pop your body over the the right side for the submission, then locking up the usual rear naked choke grip to clamp your head next to theirs, press your shoulder forward for the choke. Stay low when you do this.

When you go for the opposite side pass, they may try and push into your head, or otherwise bring their arm up. Get behind that arm, squirming under their armpit. Ideally you're doing that with your arm, but I tried doing it with my head, as that's easier in terms of distancing. You can then duck under their armpit and swivel around to their back, taking it like you would from technical mount.

On the shin-on-shin sweep, Chris confirmed that the ankle tap was indeed for when you've lost the sleeve grip, so switch to a nappy grip on either their gi tail or belt instead.

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