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02 August 2016

02/08/2016 - Open Mat | Open Guard

Class #760
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 02/08/2016

It was really handy to get in lots of open guard sparring with Mike today. I was working on the deep de la Riva hooks, along with shin on shin and reverse de la Riva. The problem I run into with most of that is if they hunker down low, it's hard to finish off a sweep. That's particularly an issue with the shin on shin, where my leg then gets stuck without being able to do very much. On deep de la Riva it gets a little stuck too, but if I can get that leg deep, it still tangles them up and acts as a brace.

On the reverse de la Riva, I also get stuck, so I need to maintain distance by pushing into their leg with other foot. The power of pulling the gi under their leg was in evidence today, that helped a lot on sweeps. This is with a normal grip, not the hand switch for the nappy grip Kev showed me a while back. The normal grip feels easier to acquire I think, my hand doesn't get so twisted up.

I need to try it on more experienced people too. More open guard sparring is required, closed guard too as I still suck at standing up from it. If I can get good standing up and maintaining balance in closed guard, maybe that would carry over to balance in open guard passing too?

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