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23 August 2016

23/08/2016 - Open Mat | Kettlebells

Class #765
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 23/08/2016

Today I just ran through some closed guard stuff with Lloyd, as he was the only one who popped down. Not a problem for me, as I wanted to continue resting my wrist injury anyway. It was a little trickier as he wasn't wearing a gi, but I could still run through the main stuff I do from closed guard, which is the shoulder clamp material. We did a bit on sweeps too, combining those with triangles and a few other options. With the scissor sweep, there is a bunch of other material with the gi, such as from the Jamie Hughes seminar a few months ago: he had that nifty choke off the scissor sweep position.

I also did my usual kettlebells, which has now been taken over by Chris. He packs more work into the session, so I got in loads of swings, plus some Turkish get up. On the one handed swing, I need to tense my side abs more (can't remember what they're called), plus overcorrecting with the shoulder to make sure I'm not twisting. Also, keeping my chest up is very important, to prevent my back losing form. If I start bending my back, that can hurt the lower back, like when I messed it up attempting an overly heavy swing a while back.

All the swings blistered up my finger a little, so I'll need to be careful on that too. I'm guessing it was due to a technical mistake on my part. It seems ok writing this up the next day, but we'll see how it likes the weights I'm doing later with David. ;)

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