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14 August 2016

14/08/2016 - Open Mat | Armbars, Gi Pants & Update

Class #763
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 14/08/2016

It looks like TLI have unfortunately gotten hold of the original site and put in a redirect (as you may remember, my shock at that horrible situation from back in 2013 was a big part of the reason I did a GrappleThon in support of RapeCrisis). However, the original content is still here. So, if you were one of the many who put in links to the original site in an effort to make sure TLI can't try and bury the information, I'd recommend updating your LloydIrvinRapeTruth links to this, or one of the various other sites that still have the original content. :)


Great open mat, with another good turnout. I'm especially pleased that the female contingent at open mat has continued to grow, getting an almost 50/50 gender balance today (three women and four men). I mainly focused on practicing the armbars Chris Haueter taught in Leuven at the Globetrotter Camp, along with refreshing myself on the orthodox set up I'm planning to teach tomorrow.

I have a lot of detail I could show, so as ever it's a matter of deciding which are the core elements that need to be there. It is always tempting to throw in more, particularly when you have something fun to show (e.g., what I learned from Chad Wright in Leuven about how you could break the usual rule about not crossing your feet), but I have to resist that temptation. ;)

A photo posted by Artemis BJJ (@artemisbjj) on

The other focus for me was nothing to do with technique: it was my trousers. That might sound like a random sentence, but it's because I've been in the process of reviewing the 'Real Dope Pants' from Datsusara for the last couple of months. They are similar to my The Green Gi trousers, as both are made of hemp and both are very soft. Handily, Milka was willing to try them for a second opinion, something I don't often get when I do reviews.

The fact that she immediately asked where she could buy the Datsusara trousers demonstrates good they are. We rolled and drilled in both my Datsusara and The Green Gi pants, Milka was impressed by both. However, she preferred the Datsusara, as they don't have the extra fabric panel by the knees: she found with The Green Gi, while she thought they were great too, the stitching from that knee panel was noticeable.

I felt the opposite: for me, it is those extra panels that give The Green Gi the edge over the Datsusara (durability), plus I prefer The Green Gi cut. Both great gi pants, though, which I can confirm after several months rolling in the Datsusara and considerably longer in The Green Gi (which is my favourite gi of all: it's had plenty of competition, as I've worn many gis over my decade so far in BJJ). In case you're wondering, the Datsusara gi pants don't normally look as ridiculous as mine, because as usual I attacked them with Dylon dye and a bleach solution for the pattern. ;D

Finally, there was exciting news about Heidi's yoga class, which she said is due to start at MYGYM in October. If you're looking for top notch yoga and insanely good balance skills in Bristol, then look no further. Heidi is the best. Just check out her incredible Instagram! ;)

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