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30 September 2016

30/09/2016 - Teaching | Side Control | Diagonal Slide to Mount

Teaching #568
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 30/09/2016

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The second option I use for transitioning to mount from side control is the diagonal slide, which has a lot less steps compared to the reverse scarf hold approach. Start in side control, with a heavy cross face and your other arm under their far arm. Shift your body up towards their head. Walk the hand of your other arm up the mat (like a spider), until you can get their far arm tight to their head. At this point, you can grab just below their elbow with your cross facing hand, locking their arm to their skull (if you want extra control, you can use your head too).

Your other hand grabs their far hip, bringing your elbow to their near hip. That creates a barrier, making it tougher for them to block with their knee. Drive your knee inside your arm, as high as you can on their body, sliding it diagonally over their chest. Aim to put your knee by their armpit. Once you knee hits the mat, slide it directly backwards into their leg. That should clear there leg out of the way, resulting in an easy transition into mount.

Teaching Notes: The importance of moving further towards their head before you start is something I should mention next time. I think that's one of those things I do without realising, so will highlight it. Using your head helps too, which can set up arm triangles, moving into armbars is a possibility too. A lot of people weren't getting that pushing back with the knee detail, I'll keep emphasising it.

In sparring, I was having fun sparring with Rich, it's always a good pace and vibe rolling with him. I was practicing control from north south, seeing if I could scoop up an arm to get into an attack. Good defence from both Milka and Kirsty, which is great to see, then finally I tried out the Rickson escape I was practicing earlier (as John Kim asked, I'll talk more about that in an open mat write-up), but without too much success against more experienced people.

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