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05 October 2016

05/10/2016 - Teaching | Women's Class | Mike Bidwell's 'FlowJitsu'

Teaching #570
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 05/10/2016

Once again, it was experienced grapplers in the lesson today, so I took the opportunity to get in some practice on a mount sequence I was curious about from the Mike Bidwell instructional (FlowJitsu, which Nic G sent to me for review). He has an interesting progression from mount, where he goes for an americana, then switches to wristlocks, arm triangles and chokes if they resist that. I wanted to see if it might be worth teaching, but after this class and the early open mat (where I got to drill it with our visitor from US/Netherlands, Paul), I'll need to play with it more.

The techniques are sound, it's working out the reactions that will be tricky. Based on today, it felt like the more natural technique to flow into is the gift wrap. That's something Bidwell covers later in his instructional too (in plenty of depth), so I'll focus on that part of FLowJitsu for the rest of the month. I'm looking forward to what else Bidwell's instructional has in store, I can always use more options when I'm attacking the mount. :)

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