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21 October 2016

21/10/2016 - Teaching | Mount | Armbar from Bow & Arrow

Teaching #578
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 21/10/2016

The bow and arrow choke is an attack from the back, but you can also do it from technical mount. That's because many back attacks are applicable from technical mount too: it's a halfway position between mount and the back, with the benefits of both. Given that the back and the mount are the two most dominant positions in BJJ (theoretically at least, reflected by their points tally in most BJJ competition rule sets), that means technical mount is a great place to be.

From mount, you're looking to get their shoulder off the ground so you can slide a knee underneath. If you've already managed to get a grip for a choke (in mount, people will be complacent about your first grip, it's the second one that gets them flailing), use that to pull the shoulder up. Slide your knee up behind the head, turning to face their opposite arm. At the same time, bring your other heel tight to their far hip.

Reach around their head, using your other hand to push their same side collar towards that waiting hand by their head. Hide your reaching arm elbow (as pulling on that is the main escape from the bow and arrow choke) and grab their same side leg with your other hand. To finish, it's the same as when going from the back. Pull your hand down (like you were cracking a whip), pressing your forearm into their head (you can drive with your shoulder too). If that doesn't work, you can try increasing the range by gripping with less fingers (though this does make your grip weaker). Putting a leg over their shoulder and then crossing your feet can give you more leverage, as you can then thrust your hips up into the choke.

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If that still isn't getting the choke, try bringing the hand that was gripping their leg behind their head, driving it through to push their head forward as you lock in the choke. For even more leverage, you can bring it under their arm. That then sets you up for yet another follow-up submission: the armbar is right there from that position.

Teaching Notes: I focused on the arm behind the head variation and the armbar, as that combines with the armbars and chokes we've been doing already. I wasn't sure if this was worth teaching as well as doing it from the back, but it is a little different, so yeah, worth doing again. I love technical mount, it's such a powerful position: it's also really handy in terms of structure, as I normally follow mount month with a month on the back.

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