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This website is about Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ). I'm a black belt who started in 2006, teaching and training at Artemis BJJ in Bristol, UK. All content ©Can Sönmez

11 December 2016

11/12/2016 - Open Mat (Sunday)

Class #788
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 11/12/2016

I can't totally remember what we did, I assume it was more open guard. The videos have been useful, and also mean I have a bunch to send to Neil Owen. He's an old school UK BJJ black belt who is doing a seminar at Artemis BJJ next week, who asked what I wanted him to teach. Having those videos means I can just send those, meaning we can get something really targeted to what we've been doing in those sparring session. Cool! :)

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