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03 January 2017

03/01/2017 - Open Mat | Open Guard | RDLR Sweep

Class #793
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - -03/01/2017

Really good open mat today. I had a chance to work through the reverse de la Riva sweep I wanted to practice, with a view to potentially teaching that in a month or two. It's from the next issue of JJS and the reason I like it is the lack of sleeve grips. This sweep just needs collar and wrist, relying mainly on the legs rather than the arms. There is a whole sequence from here, which I will continue to play with at open mat. I got a video of it, so will embed that at some point later, probably when I come to teach it.

We also practiced the over-under pass, as it seemed to be a good fit for one of the students who has been looking to develop their passing game. I think I'm going to spend a lot of the next couple of months on passing, in order to build up to the next Neil Owen seminar. I intend to get through all the techniques he taught, so Neil can then build on that.

If I'm being selfish, what I'd really like is to get a good handle on that reverse de la Riva sequence, then ask him to add some pointers to that series of sweeps. His previous seminar was fantastic, but I may not be as successful with the stiff arm counter because that relies on a strong sleeve grip (then again, with a pistol grip that wouldn't be so bad on the fingers).

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