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18 January 2017

18/01/2017 - Teaching | Women's Class (Lisa will teach them from next week on)

Teaching #619
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 18/01/2017

There were two new women in class tonight, which is awesome. Hopefully they're able to make it back. We've also had a lot of new women pop down to other classes (including the nogi class on Sundays, which Paul teaches at the moment), so that bodes well. It is January, which generally means a rush of new people who don't always stick around (although interestingly there wasn't much of a January spike last year), but we'll see. Either way, it was cool to introduce some basic techniques to new people, going with a double underhooks pass, then a simple sit-up sweep to give people on the bottom something to try for. Lisa is teaching the class again next week, something else I'm hoping will become a regular thing. :)

Update: Hooray, it will indeed! Excited to announce that Lisa will be the women's class teacher going forward, with support from some of the experienced female Artemis BJJ students when she's away (e.g., Kirsty W). I am really pleased, this has been a huge goal for me ever since I started the women's class two and a bit years ago. :D

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