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22 January 2017

22/01/2017 - Open Mat | Mini GrappleThon

Class #795
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - -22/01/2017

I don't often do mini-grapplethons, but unusually I've done two in the last few months. I don't want to do too many of them, as I don't want to diffuse the focus too much: the main one needs to stay the focus, also to avoid people getting confused. However, I was keen to do this one, for me if nothing else. Like most of the world, I was very unhappy at the US election. Instead of just getting depressed about it, I wanted to turn that negative energy towards something positive. Hence why I thought I'd do a mini-grapplethon near to the inauguration, with all donations going to Planned Parenthood (as their funding will take a hit under the new administration). If you want to donate, then you can do that here (we picked the Indiana branch, but there are plenty of other branches who could use the funding too, of course).

For mini-grapplethons, I just use the slot we've already got booked on Sundays, which gave us three hours to roll. I still haven't got back into rolling normally, which I need to to do. I was in a good habit of filming regularly after class in November and December, but it's slipped due to christmas, a holiday in Spain, then getting over a cough. January has been busy, which makes doing it harder too, but now that I seem to be getting back to full health, I need to start it up again. It doesn't help that I seem to have mashed up my fingers, due to working a lot on open guard with a strong grip. It's tricky to find something that is both effective but also has longevity: it's no use if I develop a guard that works, but relies on grips that destroy my fingers (as then I won't be able to grip). ;)

I did get in a proper roll today, which was good. I played with kimuras, but I think I kept spinning the wrong way to finish them off properly. I did eventually turn one of those attempts into an armbar, though that was at least partially because my partner almost fell off the mat. Quite possible they would have got into a better position to escape if it had been in the middle of the mat. :)

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