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28 January 2017

28/01/2017 - 4th Seminar with Chelsea Bainbridge-Donner & Tom Barlow

Seminar #023
Artemis BJJ, Chelsea Bainbridge-Donner & Tom Barlow, Bristol, UK - 28/01/2017

To celebrate the third year anniversary of Artemis BJJ, Chelsea and Tom were back for their fourth seminar. As always, it was excellent. The main reason I bring down black belts to teach seminars on the MYGYM Bristol mats is to expand my students' horizons. For my own game, I focus on a narrow range of techniques, specifically selected to avoid doing any damage to my body, as well as relying on the least amount of physical aptitude possible.

So, to have somebody like Chelsea down is perfect, given that as a prominent competitor in the black belt division she is well versed in the modern style. Who better to teach us about berimbolos than a teacher at the Mendes brothers' Art of Jiu Jitsu school? :)

For this seminar, she ran through the berimbolo and de la Riva techniques. Exactly what I wanted from Chelsea, flashy stuff I don't use so much. :D

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