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10 February 2017

10/02/2017 - Teaching | Open Guard | Schreiner Leg Sit Pass

Teaching #630
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 10/02/2017

This is yet another technique I wanted to try out from the Paul Schreiner Precise Pressure Passing app I'm reviewing, probably the last one off that as we're moving away from guard next month. The idea is essentially to sit on their legs: Schreiner sits right on the ankles. You also grab their collars, staying low and moving with them if they try to free a leg. Your goal is to gradually bring one of their knees past the centre line of your chest (e.g., guiding it across with your elbow). Once it drifts over there, you can collapse their knees to the ground with all your weight on top.

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Sprawl over their legs, pressing your chest into the middle of their thigh to pin their legs to the mat. Moving around behind, using your hand to maintain the pin on the legs, then switch to side control.

Teaching Notes: I have been testing this pass out over the last couple of weeks. While I haven't always gotten it the way its shown on the app, it has helped my passing in general. Even if I can only squash one leg, that is often enough to enable a move into a knee cut. I've also experimented with sitting higher on their shins, to make it tougher for them to wriggle a leg free. That seems to be the big difficulty with this pass, keeping those legs caged. Schreiner calls it the folding pass, a term I've heard before, so it is presumably common. I'll keep playing with it before I teach it again, though I think it was useful. Looked like the students all picked up the idea ok. :)

I'm calling it the leg sit pass at the moment, in an effort to be descriptive. Folding pass doesn't seem like it relates to the pass sufficiently for me, at least not the start of it. But I'll see how it goes. I have a similar problem with the knee cut, as I want to refer to that as the knee slide instead to emphasise it is a slide. An experiment in the power of language and terminology. ;)

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