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27 February 2017

27/02/2017 - Teaching | Open Guard | Inside Spiralhook Pull to Side Control

Teaching #637
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 27/02/2017

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Continuing on the inside spiralhook sequence, this is an alternative to the choke. Again you have a grip on the opposite collar with your shin across, while also hooking inside their leg. You're stuffing their same side wrist underneath your bottom leg. The scenario here is that they are trying to go for an underhook pass on your knee shielding leg. As they bring their arm under, kick your leg up to try and free it, then drive the side of your knee firmly into their shoulder blade. It needs to be the shoulder blade, as too high or too high, they will be able to square back up and recover their position.

You're also going to stiff arm with your collar grip, in order to both push their head away from you, while also driving it towards the mat with your shoulder blade pressure. That means you can release your grip on their wrist. Previously, we went for a choke by securing the back of the back and driving that forearm into the side of the neck. This time, grip the gi behind their head, using your arm and elbow to press their head down. You can then use that position to drive through for side control, based on the dominant control you have of their head.

The arm that is gripping the collar helps with that flip, as you bring the elbow up, while using your other arm to push their head down. If you require more leverage, shrimp out until you can get the foot of your shoulderblade leg inside their hip. You can then use that to flip them with a butterfly hook as you drive through. Alternatively, you could spin through to go and attack their turtle position instead.

Teaching Notes: I didn't really think about the role of the collar gripping arm as a lever before, so will emphasise that if I teach this sweep again. The butterfly hook is something to emphasise too, as well as nothing that the choke is still there even if you don't get that sweep.

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