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11 April 2017

11/04/2017 - Tuesday Open Mat

Class #811
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - -11/04/2017

I'm going to start trying to use the Tuesday write-ups to summarise my sparring, so I can remember the key bits. I had a good roll with Matt yesterday, where he came pretty close to the choke. I just about managed to avoid the rear naked choke, but mainly through the usual non-technique of grabbing the arm and yanking to get some breathing the room. I reckon he would have hit the bow and arrow he switched to if his elbow had been in tighter. There was enough room for me to swivel out, narrow escape. Protect the neck, always a good lesson to keep in mind!

Rolling today was all with a fairly new white belt. As he's still new, it's still at the stage where I can play around a little. I tried out wrapping the gi in various ways, first from the guard. I was looking to go for that technique Chris Haueter showed in Leuven last year, but ended up wrapping the gi around the neck in a way that I don't think was very technique. It did eventually work, not technical at all though. I also tried maintaining north-south, looking for the kimura, which is still overly one-track. On the back, I was trying to work out how the ezequiel works from there, but couldn't remember. So, I just ended up pulling both my gi lapels and his into various positions. None of which led to a submission, but were fun to play with.

I keep saying this, but I need to force myself to roll with the experienced guys when I get the chance. Both Chris and Matt H were there, who are equally capable of squishing me. Next time, must roll with them at least once. Having said that, last Friday I did get in a roll with a big white belt finally (he asked a while ago, so I've been meaning too), whose size alone makes it a tougher roll than normal (plus he's got a judo black belt). He did a good job of not relying on size, keeping things technical. The Darce choke was close, and I suspect he could probably have landed it if he put his strength into it, but I slipped out due to him being nice. A useful reminder to be extra careful of arms by my neck, like the roll with Matt.

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