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14 May 2017

14/05/2017 - NoGi | Transitions from mount escape counter to the back

Class #821
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Lisa Chappell, Bristol, UK - 14/05/2017

Really good class structure from Lisa, top notch techniques too. Hopefully she'll be up for teaching more often, as it would be especially awesome to have a woman leading more of the classes. She went through a transition today, introducing elements during the warm up as a drill, then breaking it down. The sequence begins from mount. They try to escape your mount with the bump to butterfly. Base on your feet and drop your hip, in order to dislodge their straightened arm. Slide into side control leading with your hip. They will often turn towards you at this point, attempting to recover guard. Putting your weight into their shoulder, swivel around behind. Bring your arm that's nearest their hips over, pressing the elbow in tight a little below their hip.

That helps keep some control as you spin. Once you're behind them, get your arm under theirs, while your other arm goes over their shoulder. You can progress into back control from here, sitting them up with your seat belt grip, then establishing your hooks. If they are tight and don't let you get your arm under, push their elbow instead. This sets up a gift wrap, pushing their wrist into your waiting hand behind their head. You can then again go to the back.

I got in some good sparring with Adrienne and Paul, which was cool as I haven't sparred with Adrienne before. She's got a background at a different club, so there was more intensity, always an interesting test for my guard retention (especially as she's a purple belt). I was also impressed by Sara, who hasn't trained before, but already looked to have good movement. Hopefully she keeps it up, as she clearly has some natural aptitude for it.

With Paul, I was looking for the kimura, my go-to in lots of positions but especially nogi, if I can't get a good butterfly position for a sweep. I was also trying to switch into the crucifix when he went to control my leg, but I haven't got that movement smooth yet. I have managed to make the transition a few times in sparring over the last few months, sloppily though. It would be good to see a decent video on it to see what details I could add. :)

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