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23 May 2017

23/05/2017 - Calling Australian Readers | Open Mat (Tuesday)

Class #825
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 23/05/2017

I have been missing my training trips to see bloggers/online friends, so this year I'd originally intended to head back to the US to catch up with people like Suay and Josh. However, then you guys went and elected an orange misogynist who is still squatting in the White House (hopefully not for much longer ;D). That put me right off, especially given the idiocy about travel bans and the like: my name isn't exactly 'John Smith', meaning hassle in that kind of atmosphere is definitely possible. However, there is another country where I have lots of cool bloggers/online friends to visit: Australia.

I was considering a trip to Singapore anyway, meaning that Melbourne is only a direct flight away. Checking Skyscanner, it looked like a long weekend in Melbourne was totally viable (which will be my second very short trip to Australia). So, if you read this blog and want to meet up for training in Melbourne, let me know. I'll be going to Absolute and Academy (to see those aforementioned blogger and online friends, plus actual met-in-person friends too, such as my ex-student Erin) if you'd like to join me. Feel free to pop an email over to if you want to say hi when I'm in Oz. :D

Getting back to UK training, today I did lots of drilling with Tracey, which is always informative. It's an old truism, but you really can learn a lot from teaching, as it forces you to think through the technique in detail, what really makes it work. That started with discussing the americana, using the set-up I learned from Roger Gracie where you pinch their arm with your chin, should they try and push to escape. If you keep everything tight and don't lift up when you bring your other arm over, it feels nice and secure. You also want to already have your other arm under.

On the back control escape where you grab their arm, it's dangerous because they can reach under your arm and go for an armbar. If you can grab their head, that gives you an anchor and helps kill their rotational movement. I should play with that more, but combining the slow motion seoi-nage type principles seemed to iron out the flaws with that one. Fun times. :)

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