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04 June 2017

04/06/2017 - Open Mat (Sunday)

Class #827
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 04/06/2017

I still wasn't taking part (aside from filming) in Rich's nogi class, as there were a lot of takedowns, but hopefully I can get involved again soon. I am still keen to work on my approach to grips without relying on the gi so much, for which nogi will of course be useful. Today, I got in a bit of rolling to test that. I stuck with sitting guard, but without grabbing the collar. Instead, I was trying to get a collar tie on the head, which fits with the lesson I taught about stiff arming to escape side control.

That was working, but it's dependent on what they do. If they don't let me have the head, then I'll need to work out alternatives. Could that combine with some kind of ankle pick thing, if they are raising up to stop me having the head? Having the head control is nice, that fits in well with a switch to butterfly guard, but at least today, I wasn't finding them raising up much. I'll keep trying it in specific sparring, so I can work out the typical reactions and how I might be able to capitalise.

I also continued looking for the kimura grip from everywhere. I haven't been bashing my wrists up as much when doing this, but that's something to keep an eye on. I was using it as a control point rather than trying to whack on the kimura all that much, moving from the guard to the back and side control, as well as attempting that shift to crucifix. That part wasn't very successful, but I like how it changes your perspective on controlling their other arm, as you can bring your legs into it.

As ever, I need to spar more, but these injuries are hindering that. The tailbone is particularly annoying. Saying that, I had thought it would be more of a problem in terms of sitting guard, but going at a slow pace helped, avoiding sudden impacts of my bum into the ground. My fingers didn't get tweaked either, so that's good. :)

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