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18 June 2017

18/06/2017 - Artemis BJJ | NoGi | Heel Hooks

Class #830
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Rich Lindsay, Bristol, UK - 18/06/2017

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I have always been terrified of leglocks, especially heel hooks. However, as long as you're training with somebody who knows what they're doing it's good to have a play. I didn't drill them all that much, due to aforementioned fear (also, Rich teaches a LOT of technique in each of his classes ;D). Still the main points I took away were a two arm finish, the importance of getting under the heel and that you should avoid lying on your arms. If you lie on your arm, that will restrict the amount you can turn.

Once Rich got to defence, I was keener to practice. The big thing this time was grabbing their arm with both of yours and pulling it towards you. That's the first thing to try. Then there is the usual defensive stuff for footlocks, like 'putting the boot on'. Rich also mentioned crossing your feet as a general principle, which he said applies to lots of foot and leglocks. I look forward to his kneebar material, as that seems like a good attack against Sam's knee shield.

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I used my tripod with a new phone clamp, much better. Sparring with Adrienne, focused on when they have heel hook and you escape. She was doing a good job of switching to single leg x, so that was fun. Need to work my passes against there, which is where Paul Schreiner (yet again) comes in, from Precise Pressure Passing.

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