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26 July 2017

26/07/2017 - BJJ Globetrotter Camp | Leuven 2017 | Gi Chokes & Coathanger Guard (Alexander Neufang)

Class #855
BJJ Globetrotter Camp (Sportoase Leuven), Alexander Neufang, Leuven, Belgium, 26/07/2017

The title for this session was 'murdering people with the gi', which proved to be an apt description. It was packed with nasty gi chokes, wrapping them around the neck and punching the arm through. I had trouble getting any of them, I think due to my pressure perhaps being a little off, or not thrusting enough. Probably not the kind of techniques I'm likely to use, but certainly effective. These are all chokes that Neufang has been using successfully in competition.

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Fortunately for me, the final technique was better suited to my style. I have seen something similar before, but not had it taught to me previously. I couldn't see how he set it up, but the idea is you have closed guard, then you get your foot across and hook it under their far arm. This ends up in what I've seen called the 'coathanger'. From here, you can get a sweep by pulling on that arm with your foot.

There is also an unusual choke, if you get a deep grip with your arm on the coathanger leg side, gripping the opposite collar (the one that will be on the coathangered arm side). Bring your free leg over their head and push. You can switch into a triangle too, bringing your leg over and switching. Then finally there's the option of pulling their arm across and taking their back.

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