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28 July 2017

28/07/2017 - BJJ Globetrotter Camp | Leuven 2017 | Open Mat

Class #864
BJJ Globetrotter Camp (Sportoase Leuven), Open Mat, Leuven, Belgium, 28/07/2017

More sparring today. I think I've rolled with all the other people on my list now, so first a cool white belt who tangled me up in worm guard. I couldn't do a lot, so I mostly just waited as I didn't immediately feel under threat, slipping out of a few choke attacks etc. I should have thought more about the Christian thing about head up, butt down. I was lucky in that an arm presented itself when I was able to move forward to sit on him, to go for a kimura. In the next roll with a white belt, I was trying for the shoulder clamp lots to build up some thoughts for the private lesson tomorrow. I'd also be interested in some entries, but depends if you would actually enter into that from open guard.

Final roll was with a blue belt, where as before I looked for the kimura repeatedly, as well as posting on the head. Nice to get a crucifix entry as well, using the trick from Aesopian of walking your leg in front once you already have one leg by their arm. They'll often reach for your second leg, meaning you can hook it with the other leg to lock in the position.

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