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06 August 2017

09/04/2017- Gret Zoeller seminar, worm guard

Seminar #027
Checkmat Edinburgh, Gret Zoeller, Edinburgh, UK - 09/04/2017

Gret is an excellent teacher, but what I like most about her seminars is how approachable she is. I love learning from Gret, whatever she is teaching is made fun due to her awesome personality.

Today, it was all about worm guard. Gret taught this from the guard pull. You are in typical judo grips. Take the opportunity to yank out their gi lapel, sliding down the collar as you do. Your opposite side foot goes into their same side hip as you drop and rotate. Swing your foot on the collar grip side over the gi, threading it under and past their hip. Pull that foot back in, as well as pulling in their collar as much as possible. Your other arm is gripping their sleeve. Shift your hips over to the sleeve grip side, then kick out your free leg, swinging it behind to help you sit up.

Once you've sat up, feed the collar to your hand behind their knee. As you do, push their knee inwards before the feed with your hand. When you've switch it, press your arm into their knee again, to further buckle it inwards. The first sweep involves bringing your wrapped leg knee next to their knee. Pull the collar grip towards the other side as you press with your knee, knocking them over.

Continue to pull that grip, moving their knees across. You will then need to let go of the grip. Sometimes you'll be able to slide right into mount here, if you can shove their knee out of the way, but often it won't be that easy. You might find the gi gets stuck too, so pull it free if it does. Gret suggested wriggling in with your free knee into their back of their knees first, then a quick switch, drawing back your previously wrapped leg as if you're going to knee them in the bum. You can then move to side control.

If that isn't working for you, once you've got everything wrapped, there's also the option of basing on your sleeve grip hand in order to insert your shin. With that shin-on-shin grip, you can lift them as you pull on the gi, dropping them into back control. It's easier to do than explain, the motion feels quite simple. As Gret put it, there is only one way to go, due to the grips you've established.

Finally, for something flashier, you can invert, spinning straight through by rolling on your shoulder blades. Grab their arm as you spin, then you can swing your leg into place to drop them into an armbar.

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