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22 August 2017

22/08/2017 - BJJ Globetrotter Camp | Heidelberg 2017 | Unexpected Armlocks (Alexander Neufang)

Class #881
BJJ Globetrotter Camp (Olympiastützpunkt Rhein-Neckar) Alexander Neufang, Heidelberg, Germany, 22/08/2017

Unexpected armlocks was a well named class, as Neufang sprang into the armbars from all kinds of crazy armbars. I had trouble getting any of this, but it was entertaining to watch. That man's jiu jitsu defies the laws of physics. The main thing was getting a solid collar grip and sleeve. You can then leap past and rotate into armbars, pushing off your grips to rotate and spin into those attacks. Even more impressive, Neufang threw in a headstand into an armbar too, falling by legs for armbar. Fun, but I can't imagine this is something I'd be teaching or trying myself, Neufang's game is very unique. ;)

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