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25 August 2017

25/08/2017 - BJJ Globetrotter Camp | Heidelberg 2017 | Single leg sweeps (Ben Westrich)

Class #891
BJJ Globetrotter Camp (Olympiastützpunkt Rhein-Neckar) Ben Westrich, Heidelberg, Germany, 25/08/2017

I had thought this class might feature material going off the shin-on-shin position or something like that, but it was tightly focused on the single leg from a wrestling angle. For example, spinning behind the leg, threading your arm and driving for the single, standing up if necessary. Lots of useful pointers here, though I don't think I'll be doing all that much standing up because I'm too lazy. Another one where I'll be carefully checking the videos, particularly when we're closing in on open guard month again.

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