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10 September 2017

10/09/2017 - Teaching | Open Guard | Butterfly Sweep (Dan Strauss whizzer grip)

Teaching #701
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 10/09/2017

As our usual nogi teacher is away at the moment, I decided to take the opportunity to share some material from the Dan Strauss seminar I went to yesterday (I'll get the write-up done at some point, but as I've got about six seminars to write up, may be a while ;D). When they underhook against your butterfly guard, bring your arm underneath and move round to their shoulder. Reach through for the whizzer, hooking your hand over their other arm (not under and around the tricep, but over the top of the arm). With your free hand, pull their same arm by grasping their wrist, yanking it to your hip. You can then switch from your hold on the wrist to grab their elbow.

Put your hooking foot close to their knee, in order to avoid lifting up into the groin: along with being painful, that will just lift them up, not knock them over. If you need more leverage for the sweep, push with your other foot just above their other knee, like the push sweep follow up to a scissor sweep. You can enter this same position from half guard, when they get an underhook on you. Shrimp out, then establish your butterfly hook and overhook at the sake time. With a gi, it can be even stronger, as then you can anchor your whizzer on their collar.

Teaching Notes: I don't often teach nogi, but there is lots of other shoulder clamp type stuff I want to practice. It's good to have the opportunity to teach smaller classes too, rather than the 15-25 that come to my sessions downstairs. Teaching large classes is a different skill set to small ones, plus the atmosphere is different, particularly in a smaller room too. Downstairs is open to the rest of the gym, upstairs feels 'private'. I'll also be covering some of the Thursdays, as Chris is injured currently. Looking forward to working on technique. :)

In terms of notes for this class, I'm writing this up a month later, so I can't remember if there were any points. I'll check the teaching notes from the butterfly class before this, though I will note that the grip is handy. I've been finding myself going for it quite often now, though I don't always get it. It's interesting how people seem less concerned about me getting an overhook than they are an underhook.

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