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14 September 2017

14/09/2017 - Teaching | Side Control | Movement drills & pressing armbars

Teaching #704
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 14/09/2017

I don't normally teach the Thursday class, but as Chris is injured, I took the opportunity to run through some movement drills. This is something Josh mentioned at open mat, which he'd learned from Island Top Team. The idea is that you can't hold any grips, or put any significant weight on their torso, only knee on belly. That makes for a great movement drill, plus it looks cool and breakdancy. I want to build everybody up to that, so we can put it in as a warm up drill, but first I'll need to introduce some individual movement drills to get them up to speed.

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It was three people tonight (Thursdays are small), all experienced. That meant useful guinea pigs! ;D I went through the knee on belly side to side, then swivelling into armbars from knee on belly, until I finished with the back step into what I've heard called 'cowboy mount'. The back step is a really handy movement generally, which Roy Dean talks about a lot on his DVDs. It's mainly used for passing, but there are a few other applications.

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I finished off by talking about the pressing armbar, as that fits with the movement drill from Island Top Team, I think. It's something I have been looking for a lot on the bottom, but increasingly from the top too. If you're already spinning around and floating on top, the pressing armbar can frequently present itself. Any time you can trap their wrist by your shoulder, it's possible. You just need to roll their elbow as far as it can go, then gradually squeeze for the tap. Fun stuff, I enjoyed the lesson tonight. I'll be covering more, which will also hopefully build up the numbers for when Chris is recovered. It takes a while for people to fit new classes into their schedule, plus I quite like a small class to teach every now and then, different vibe when it's 3 as compared to 20 something. :)

There is full video of the class on the Artemis BJJ Facebook page, I'll embed them below:

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