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15 October 2017

14/10/2017 - GB Bristol GrappleThon

Class #909
Gracie Barra Bristol, UK - 14/10/2017

It's been really cool seeing how the GrappleThon concept has spread all over the place. It's especially cool when it spreads to local schools, as that means I can pop down without having to travel. GB Bristol held a 24 hour GrappleThon over this weekend in support of two charities. I didn't pop down for all that long, but was able to get in a few light rolls over the course of about two hours. I rolled with Chloe twice, who was the main organiser of the event. She's got an excellent game considering she hasn't been training all that long (about 3 or 4 years, IIRC), so I expect she will progress quickly from blue. Main thing I found useful was trying out Josh's tips on the single leg x, which worked well (although there is also a size difference). Particularly as people aren't anticipating it to be all that difficult to push the foot off the hip, that means they will sometimes commit more effort than normal and use both arms. Which in turn makes the sweep where you press into the knee easier.

Hopefully the GB GrappleThon becomes a regular thing, as lots of people from Artemis BJJ popped down too, as well as a few other clubs. I love the friendly, open atmosphere at GrappleThons, so the more of them the better (especially as it means charities get more funds too). :)

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