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26 October 2017

26/10/2017 - Teaching | Closed Guard | Leg clamp sequence off an overhook

Teaching #716
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 26/10/2017

I had a go at teaching the leg clamp sequence from Aaron Milam's private, which went fairly well. I started off with the 'prayer' motion to get under the arms, straight into an underhook. You already shrimp out as you overhook, aiming to get your knee to their shoulder as efficiently as possible. That provides the main power in preventing their ability to posture back into you. You other foot is by their other hip. The point of the knee should be by their head, judging by Aaron's video, though I still don't feel I always have enough control, especially if they're bigger.

Still, with people about my size (as was the case with the people at tonight's class), it felt like a strong hold they couldn't easily escape. Once you knee is by their head, you can release your underhook and grab your knee with both hands instead. That makes for a powerful clamp. From there, you can go for several submission. Leaving one arm grabbing your knee, use your other hand (from your 'top' arm, as you'll be on your side) to grab their wrist. Push their arm up for a shoulder lock. Alternatively, grab their hand and pull it for a wristlock instead. If neither of those work, there is the omoplata here too.

If they manage to turn towards you, smoothly bring your other knee up past their far shoulder, flicking your leg out and over their arm, rotating into a triangle. Make sure you have head control as soon as possible. Either you're grabbing your shin (my preferred option), or you are straight away using a hand to grab their head. There's the chance to go for a pressing armbar here too, Joey Carta style.

The last one I'm confident about showing was a back take if they manage to pull their arm free and bring it in front of their face. You can then scoot in and grab their lat, pressing your elbow down to twist them. To increase that control either further, use your other hand to grab their sleeve and stiff arm it away. It should now be very tough for them to turn back towards you. From here, your bottom leg hooks up, while you bring your top foot to the ground. Move away, dragging them towards you, right into back control.

There was a sweep I was trying to remember too, when they posture into you, but I don't think I remember it quite right. I'll keep rewatching the Milam video. There is so much packed into that private he taught me, I barely past the first 6 minutes at this point! :)

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