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30 October 2017

30/10/2017 - Teaching | Mount | Head & Arm Choke

Teaching #718
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 30/10/2017

Short Version:
  • Hook their elbow and walk your hand up, until their arm is up high
  • Shove them arm over their neck, putting your other hand under their head
  • Lock their arm with your head, linking your hands
  • Try and finish from mount then if that fails, hop off to side control
  • Move to scarf hold to finish, or stay parallel and sink your hips

Full Version: It is possible to get the head and arm choke from mount, also commonly known as an arm triangle, but more typically you finish from side control. However, you can start in mount, then if that doesn't work, switch to side control for the finish. Begin by hooking their elbow with your arm and spider-walking your hand up high. Keep going until their elbow is up by their head. At that point, you can use your own head to shove their arm over their neck.

If their hand gets stuck by their other arm or some other barrier, you can simply use your cross-facing hand to adjust their arm, until you can push it fully across their neck. Wriggle their arm down fully onto their neck if it is at their jaw (again, either with your cross-face hand, or your head). You can then bring your cross-face arm underneath their head, linking it with your other hand. Make sure your ear is low on their arm. From here, you may be able to generate enough pressure for the choke.

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Should that not be enough for the submission, windscreen wiper your leg across, disengaging from mount to knee on belly. You can then slip into side control, finishing the choke from there. You could try moving your legs into a scarf hold type position to generate pressure, or simply sink your hips down while your body is parallel to theirs.


Teaching Notes: Key area people had trouble was getting the arm fully across the neck. The reason was normally that they already had the cross-face in place, meaning that when they tried to push the other arm over, it got stuck resulting in a high elbow, rather than the low arm position needed to use it for the choke. The simple answer is to either not put the cross-face in yet, or remove the cross face and use that hand to adjust their arm as necessary. You already have the control with your head, so releasing the cross-face isn't such a big issue.

I wasn't sure if scarf hold or standard sinking hips is better, but I guess showing both doesn't take much. I could talk more about the switch off from mount too, but I'm hoping that the side to side knee on belly drill I've been doing will sort that out.

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