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17 November 2017

17/11/2017 - Teaching | Side Control | Kimura

Teaching #726
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 17/11/2017

Short Version:
  • From the straight armbar, they turn their arm down
  • Clamp your arm underneath, then other hand to their wrist
  • Grip your wrist-grabbing wrist with your other hand, bend their arm
  • Lift up their shoulders slightly, stepping over the head if necessary
  • Push their wrist towards their shoulderblades

Full Version: If they manage to escape from the straight armlock and turn their hand towards their legs, don't worry, you can still keep attacking. Clamp their arm to your chin using your own arm, then switch your free arm underneath. Get your wrist by your head, ready to push their wrist to the mat. You can now apply the kimura, similar to the americana, but with their arm pointing in the opposite direction. If you need extra leverage, turn to your side and base out.

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For even more leverage, step over their head and lift them slightly off the floor. Keep in mind that if they slip free of that, you can go back to the pressing armbar and americana: hence why this is a lockflow, because it should be continuously available as long as you maintain control of the far arm. There is also the option of pulling them up on their side and switching into a kimura from north south, depending on how solidly you have that arm controlled.

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Teaching Notes: If they haven't seen the rest of the sequence, just do it off the straight armbar. In terms of grabbing, I could talk more about having fingers on top and why (Saulo's adjust on the straight armbar where he uses that push from the finger position, for example).

Another big thing was turning the hip nearest their legs down in order to get the short lift you need, without giving up space. I mentioned stepping the leg over, although I don't do that myself, but it does lend itself nicely to the north south kimura.

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