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25 November 2017

25/11/2017 - Priit Mihkelson Mini Camp | Open Guard | Grilled Chicken

Class #925
Fighting Fit, Priit Mihkelson, Stafford, UK - 25/11/2017

After watching Braulio stymie Galvao with his guard at ADCC 2013, Priit developed what he calls the 'grilled chicken' guard. Keep your knees wide, toes up, elbows on the outside, pressing into the mat. Use your elbows to wriggle, a kind of elbow shrimp. From this platform, you can 360, swinging your legs all the way round. You end up in an inverted position, so bring your arms up to help with the strain on that, you don't want to go further than your body allows. My first attempt at drilling that after the weekend below:

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If they and push your legs up, put your head on the mat, arch your back with tailbone pressing down, legs relaxed. I felt like I was coming up too high, so I'll keep working on that. If they try and throw you to the side, your elbow hits the ground like a strut, blocks that throw. Also, post your hand on their shoulder and move back (like the usual Ryan Hall/Jeff Rockwell stuff I've been playing with for a while now), then leading with the head to stop them pushing you down. You can also post on wrist, knee, elbow etc, along with collar ties.

The next two hours, I had trouble remembering anything. There was some kind of reverse de la Riva to block the knee slide, that's about the only vague thing that stuck. I'll need to review my video. There was also the interesting point on grabbing four fingers, as a nogi spider guard, end of the lever. But is it legal?


  1. "then leading with the head to stop them pushing you down"

    what does this mean?

    1. Like in wrestling, you're driving your head into them. I think that's the analogy Priit do. He's doing another one in March, if you want to learn from the man himself. :)