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30 November 2017

30/11/2017 - Thursday Open Mat

Class #929
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 30/11/2017

I finally remember to get a few notes after the open mat, first on the de la Riva sweep I was considering teaching. You can grab head or grab the collar, I like to get the head if I can (easier on the fingers). Far arm is also easier to complete the sweep, but it is possible to get it when grabbing the near arm. There's a single leg follow up. Also, it would be worth having a lesson on just maintaining de la Riva, but I'm still not too comfortable with DLR in general, I don't like playing it myself. Remember to push their leg out, get them to be off balance.

On the grilled chicken, remember to keep your knees wide, toes pointing up. Be careful of your head, don't hurt your neck. Arms up to help when you're going for the invert. Using your hands more, push off their leg when you roll to your side?

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