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11 December 2017

11/12/2017 - Teaching | Open Guard | Shin-On-Shin (Roll Over Sweep)

Teaching #736
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 11/12/2017

Short Version:
  • Bring your same-side shin tight to theirs, knee angled out
  • Wrap your same side arm tight around their leg, head on the inside
  • Grab their sleeve with your other arm, feed it to your wrapping arm
  • Grip their shoulder/head with your free hand, pulling down
  • Lift with your shin to roll them over, come up in knee-on-belly

Full Version:

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The shin-to-shin guard provides an additional pressure to your sweeps, giving you the very useful ability to lift compared to koala guard or de la Riva (or at least, I find it's much easier to lift with shin on shin than de la Riva). I first started playing with this after my instructor showed me some options at a private in 2015, then in more depth at Ana's seminar. Kev also went through the sequence again at the grading seminar recently. Put your shin in front of their same side leg, wrapping behind that leg with your same side arm. Your other leg pushes on their knee. That will normally make them post their arm, or at least put the arm in range.

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Make sure that the knee on your shin leg is at forty five degrees. If it is too high, they can push your knee out of the way and pass, so keep it low enough to prevent an easy push. Grab their sleeve, with the intention to pass their arm under their leg to your other hand, which is waiting there behind their leg. Ideally, pull it all the way behind their knee, as far over in that direction as you can. With your passing hand, grab high on the arm you just controlled, up near their shoulder. Pull down on that arm as you lift with your shin. It's much the same motion as the basic de la Riva sweep I was taught at GB Brum.

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There is also a kneeling version:

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Teaching Notes: It's important to stay tight on the knee, getting the shin in position too. When you grab the arm, you need to make sure you pull it in far enough (use the Kev option, pulling it right behind their knee). There's also the question of how far around the leg do you move your bum: should you be on the side of them, slight angle? Something to test out. I'm also not 100% certain on the knee angle. I normally say 45 degrees, but that Dylan Hewitt technique with his roll uder is a lot closer to their knee.

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