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15 December 2017

15/12/2017 - Teaching | Open Guard | Shin-On-Shin (Roll Under Sweep)

Teaching #738
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 15/12/2017

Short Version:
  • Wrap your arm behind their leg, same side leg by theirs
  • Keep your knee relatively high, shin on their shin
  • Reach for their far shin
  • Roll underneath their legs, using momentum for a full roll
  • Come up on top, ready to pass

Full Version: For the last bit of sitting guard, I went for something slightly more complicated. From sitting guard, scoot in towards them, this time getting your same side shin in front of their leg, wrapping your same side arm behind, keeping your head tight. Ideally you also want to grab their sleeve with your other hand, then pass that to your first hand behind their leg. If that isn't available, you can grab their gi lapel or belt instead. It's possible to do the sweep without any grip, but it's more difficult.

Shoot your free leg through, reaching underneath their upper leg with your free arm as you swivel to your back. Lift up with your shin-on-shin leg, continuing to rotate. You're aiming to come up on top in their guard. If they are able to post (i.e., you haven't got control of their sleeve), you might find it easier to go for the back instead.

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Teaching Notes: Small class, so I ran through a bunch of options today, drawing on BJJ Library as well as past classes. The 'helicopter' sweep from Xande was tricky to get to work, so I won't add that back in until I'm more confident with it. For the standard one, I added the tweaks Dylan Hewitt showed me, which help. Spider guard thing from DLR could go somewhere, but needs more practice. Not much to change for the Dylan one, so feels sorted, stick with that next time. :)

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