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12 February 2018

12/02/2018 - Teaching | Closed Guard | Taking the Back (leg clamp)

Teaching #755
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 12/02/2018

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If you are able to push their arm across their body when they're in your closed guard, you're in a great position to take their back. Keeping your arm straight, push their arm across their body, while simultaneously pulling in with your knees. With a gi, you can get a solid grip on their sleeve and punch it away from you, making it very hard for them to reclaim their position. In nogi, you could try grabbing their wrist, but it isn't as a effect. Another option is to instead clamp your arms tight around them and pull in, to keep their arm stuck across their body with no space to pull it back.

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Either way, the intention is to collapse them on top of their arm, unable to recover their position. Your other arm should be free at this point, meaning your outside hand can reach around to their far armpit. Hook your fingers in for a solid hold, then twist your elbow in firmly. Combined with your stiff-arming sleeve grip (if you're doing this in gi, if not it's either wrist or just holding them in tight), that should rotate their torso and make it hard for them to turn back towards you.

You can now shrimp slightly away from them, keeping your bottom foot in tight to act as your first hook. Shrimping away may be enough to drop them into back control. If not, use the heel of your top foot to dig into their hip, spinning them into back control.

Teaching Notes: Avoid going too high with your body on the back, or shifting away from them won't drop them nicely into your back control. This shouldn't take lots of power, you're just smoothly moving away from them, then they fall into the space you left. As ever, make sure the arm is horizontal. Sometimes people try pushing it straight up, whereas you want it across.

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