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05 March 2018

05/03/2018 - RGA Bucks | Mauricio

Class #957
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 08/03/2018

Training with Mauricio, having had a cool weekend with my Australian Instagram friend, Melanie. Although I'm writing this up in November 2018, I fortunately still have the notes I recorded on my dictaphone app from this class. Mauricio kicked off with headlock escapes, as he likes to add in the self defence stuff. Bring your hips in, grab their arm to stop them punching you, Big step back, grabbing their hand, keeping your head out. Push their hand up around their back. If you can't get your head up, dive under, roll through and get on top that way. Usual hands in front of head, bring foot over and armbar.

For passing, Mauricio was talking about staying really tight. When you're stepping in towards their guard, always step in with one leg forwards, in that low crouch position I like. Keep your head up, posture solid. When they have a grip on your sleeve, grab their belt and pull in tight.

Bring the other leg out, turning it away, pressing in from there. If they manage to catch onto your foot, walk it away slowly. Particularly for half guard, Mauricio brings his arm in early, underneath, swivelling it back to stop their hips from following you.

In sparring, keeping my balance on top. On the bottom, mostly got squished and clung on, trying to push gi under leg. Need to be framing, get the head down.

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