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15 April 2018

15/04/2018 - Sunday Open Mat & NoGi Class

Class #969
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 15/04/2018

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NoGi class, just the figure 4 bicep guard from Aaron Milam, on Grapplers Guide. I'm not sure I had the distancing right, lifting the hips correctly or the proper turn. But looks like a fun one to play with, Great White Grip is another (unhelpful IMO, because it's non-descriptive) name for it.

I didn't get to do all that much sparring, but it was a really fun open mat today, lovely atmosphere. Good roll with Lisa aiming to help her with passing, using the Graugart 'head over butt' method, not leaving any space. I also had a roll with Sam at the end, which was interesting as I tried to use the Priit style turtle to running escape to upright turtle. It sort of worked as a way of preventing the guard pass, but I'm missing something in the transition to an upright turtle ('panda'). It kept feeling like I was up too high, so perhaps just a matter of leaning forwards more?

Underneath, I was combing going to turtle with that quick scoop escape to come on top. I tried the single leg and push sweep a few times, somehow hurting the ligament thing right behind my knee. I tweaked something as I was attempting to pull Sam's leg back with my own leg.

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