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24 May 2018

24/05/2018 - Thursday Daytime

Class #986
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 24/05/2018

Running through the armbar again, with some extra details from the handy video David Morcegao put up recently on the technique. Main thing I took from that was using either your shin or your leg over the top to do the upright armbar. While I think it is possible to finish directly from the s mount position, it's going to be more secure if you adjust your legs.

Matt had a load of good tips on half guard passing, as usual. He has talked about the multiple version of the over-under before, which connects through to variations like over-over, threading your arm through and around against the knee shield, etc. We did some half guard specific sparring, as I reckon that should mean I can avoid pressure on my injured (given that a knee injury is what led Gordo to develop and progress the half guard back in the day).

I normally try for underhook and then move to either recover closed guard or toe grab sweep. The knee injury makes that twist on my leg risky, so I'm attempting to move into other stuff. The loop choke is a good one, I will keep working on that. Oli Geddes has a good vid on it, IIRC?

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