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14 August 2018

14/08/2018 - BJJ Globetrotter Camp | Heidelberg 2018 | Lilo Asensi (Gogoplata Armbars)

Class #1026
BJJ Globetrotter Camp (Olympiastützpunkt Rhein-Neckar) Open Mat, Heidelberg, Germany, 14/08/2018

I'm a big fan of Lilo's classes, she doesn't do long lectures. Her classes pack in lots of technique in a flowing sequence, each chunk emphasising the overall position. This time round, that position was one I've never used, the gogoplata. I hadn't realised that was such a useful platform to apply multiple armbar variations, as well as the gogoplata choke itself.

The sequence begins from a standard armbar. You're looking to do the usual legs over etc, but can't quite lock the position. Swivel and turn your leg, so that your foot is now pressing into their neck, your knee pointing away and close to their body. Keep control of their arm. Wrap your arm over the top so the wrist is in your armpit, then angle inwards for the submission (a sort of americana).

If they are starting to pull free, you can try and gogoplata them instead, reaching behind their hand to grab your foot. It's a throat crush though, so not a submission I'm keen on. I prefer the option of using that to sweep them over. You can then swivel your other foot in to cross over their neck and submit them from there.

In the guard, you can also swivel both feet in for the armbar. Alternatives are turning to lock your other leg over. Swivel and turn the top knee in to return to crossed feet, or switch legs and continue the spin to your leg over on the other side. To adjust, you can stick one foot into a spider guard position and bring the leg into locking position from there. That becomes a flowing drill, though I need to double check the videos again to get it in my head.

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