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16 August 2018

16/08/2018 - BJJ Globetrotter Camp | Heidelberg 2018 | Jeff Knight (Half Guard & Leglocks)

Class #1031
BJJ Globetrotter Camp (Olympiastützpunkt Rhein-Neckar) Jeff Knight, Heidelberg, Germany, 16/08/2018

Half guard. On the bottom, triple threat. Get the underhook, take the back. İf they whizzer, then hook under other knee and roll em over. They resist, switch to toe grab sweep. 

On top, don't let them get the underhook. Always looking to block and and wriggle in your underhook. İf they get a bit deeper, press into neck with a kind of reverse cross face. İf they really deep, push head away and then get your underhook. 

For knee cut, superhold, twist in for proper supine twist. Push their head and insert your own head next to theirs. Then tripod, knee cut, align your knee with theirs. İf you can't get it, bring your knee back across into half mount.

Now your knee acts as an underhook, so you can switch the cross face to the other side. Keep turning with your trapped leg until you can flick it out. You can also reach back with your other foot to pry it free, be careful of getting bridged. 

Knee bar, they have a knee shield. Turn, so you're sat. Your knee to your foot, Kean forward to get both knees up. Now fully sat on them. Pull their bottom foot in, now you can step over it and triangle legs. Grab top leg, go back, put their leg under your armpit. Apply hips for kneebar. 

But, what if the other foot is underneath? You switch to a toe hold. Keep elbow up, but arm tucked. İf it is triangled the other way way, can kneebar them over their other leg. 

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