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31 August 2018

31/08/2018 - Friday Charles Harriott Seminar

Seminar #032
Artemis BJJ, Kev Capel, Bristol, UK - 31/08/2018

It was awesome to get Charles down to Bristol, not long after he taught a superb class at the Heidelberg Camp on leglocks. I was really impressed by how he introduced the concepts, paying far more attention to safety than pretty much any other instructor I've ever trained with. Really impressive, which is why I was so keen to bring him to Artemis BJJ.

Everything he taught, and more, is on his new Leglocks 101 DVD, which you can check out at BJJ Fanatics for $47. I'd also highly recommend booking him for a seminar. Charles travels a lot, so it's entirely possible he will be within reach of you at some point, wherever you are in the world. :D

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