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17 October 2018

17/10/2018 - Teaching | Mount | Shoulder clamp mount

Teaching #805
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 17/10/2018

This is a position I learned from Kenny Polmans at the Heidelberg 2018 BJJ Globetrotters Camp, getting a refresher on after chatting to Kenny again at the GrappleThon Belgium (also 2018, a good year for BJJ ;D). Starting from a typical mount, they have crossed their arms and are protecting their neck. Reach under their forearm, sliding it through until you can get your elbow onto the mat. You also have your toes on the mat, ready to drive forwards.

From that position, you can power your knee up as you bring your elbow back. The goal here is to capture their arm at your hip. As your arm slides back, grip their shoulder. Your hand on the other side pushes into their other shoulder. The goal is to twist them up onto their side. Once you've made that space, immediately fill it with your leg, behind their shoulders. Make sure your foot is tight to their bottom shoulder, as you don't want them to be able to bring their shoulders back down to the mat.

Lean forwards slightly to move your weight onto them. Fold forwards too, in order to make certain their arm stays stuck by your hip. For a simple submission option, reach back with your arm and grab their wrist. Push it down and slide it along your leg for a shoulderlock. Alternatively, you can simply grip their hand and pull it back into a wristlock.

Teaching Notes: The main difficulty with this one is getting them up on their side. Pushing on the shoulder and pulling up. I'm not sure if this will become a technique I teach regularly, but it's super useful to (finally!) have some more variety in what I can teach during mount month. This expands into quite a few different submissions: I'm going with armbar and omoplata this time around, but Kenny also showed me the triangle and gogoplata from there when I last saw him. I'll have to pick his brain again before I teach this in another mount month, but I'm pleased with how my first attempt went. )

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