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24 October 2018

24/10/2018 - Teaching | Mount | Shouder clamp mount to armbar

Teaching #806
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 24/10/2018

To secure a grip, there are two main options Kenny suggested. The first option is to wrap your same side arm around your knee, reaching under their head. Your other hand locks that in place by grabbing your wrist. A gi option is to instead reach behind your own leg, grabbing the back of their collar. There are several other submissions you can go for if the initial shoulder lock isn't viable. The two main options both involve bringing your leg over their head. If you're flexible enough, you can just swing it over. Should you need some support, slip your other hand behind, then guide the leg over.

For the armbar, bring your hips up higher on their body. Push their head to face down, placing your arm in front of their head. You can use your other hand out to the side as base, or possibly grabbing behind their leg. However, be careful: you don't want to lose your balance while you have their arm tightly trapped, in case of injury. Rotate around the arm you have trapped, then slowly drop back. You might be able to get the submission by leaning back, if you've secured their arm under your armpit. If not, you can adjust into a standard armbar, adjusting their arm to your chest.

Teaching Notes: Make sure you get your hips behind the arm, turning before you drop. Be careful with your balance, hand behind you if you need to support your weight.

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