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08 November 2018

08/11/2018 - Thursday daytime

Class #1070
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 06/11/2018

I focused on drills today, particularly the passing drills Joanna showed us. Checking the vids from the seminar she did for us last Sunday, I realise that I've been doing it different. She moves round to north-south with a hop, I've been doing a backstep. Not sure if what I'm doing is wrong, or just an alternative. I shall ask Joanna. :)

I also finally got back to sparring Sam. As he is the most challenging of my regular sparring partners, I reckon that indicates my knee injury is now sufficiently healed that I am back to (relatively) normal in terms of training. Hooray for being able to spar again!

I'm continuing to play with the Priit sequence that starts by a modified running escape from side control, into turtle, then panda and ideally double underhook the leg to get into a guard pass. With Sam, I have been turtling when he is mid pass, as at this stage I already know that I'm not going to be able to beat him to the punch on movement. Turtling works better than fruitlessly trying to chase with my legs, which is what I'd been doing previously and getting knackered (as well as passed). :P

Leglocks come into play when Sam is on the bottom, as they're a useful counter to his knee shield. Still very early days for me though. I vaguely went for a figure four footlock, then a sloppy kneebar attempt. I need to learn how to do that toe hold properly, specifically for this situation (when you're rolling with somebody who has a solid knee shield).

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