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15 November 2018

15/11/2018 - Thursday daytime

Class #1075
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 15/11/2018

I spent today's session working on Priit's running escape > turtle > panda sequence, which has been a focus for me over the last year and a bit. I've especially been using it in sparring with Sam, as I find it so difficult to maintain any kind of open guard with him. It's easier to go to turtle. Sparring with him again later, the sequence worked well, although I'm not sure if he was going all that hard so was probably letting me get away with stuff.

I'm also uncertain if I'm doing it right. I picked Priit's brain about it last weekend, but I am now unsure if I remembered the leg position on the running escape correctly. I tagged Priit in the vid, so hopefully he sees it. If not, I'll just need to review the many, MANY vids I have of Priit teaching this (based on training with him for something like 40hrs since 2017 ;) ).

Shorted version of that vid on Instagram, here:

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