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12 December 2018

12/12/2018 - Teaching | Quarter Guard | Take the back

Teaching #824
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 12/12/2018

As they either start to free themselves from your half guard, or possibly they are just going for a knee cut and are most of the way through, hook the bottom of their leg. You can get this tighter by bringing your top leg under theirs. You must get the underhook, or you will get passed. Swivel to your knees, into the dogfight position (essentially, side by side turtle with a leg hooked).

The simple option is to shuck their arm forward, popping out to attack their turtle. To fully take their back, you can move your knee forward, cut it into them and roll. You've got a few other options too, which I want to cover in future classes: e.g., driving them down by grabbing the knee, or you can also roll under (like you do against a whizzer). It's all in Heather Raftery's awesome class, which is where I learned all this.
Teaching Notes: Next time, I want to remember to add tweaking the knee when you've got to the dogfight, which further helps break their posture. However, also important to emphasise that you need to be careful with that, the knee is vulnerable. A few people had trouble hooking their leg underneath - I guess it isn't totally essential, as long as you can swivel to your knees. I do think it's stronger than the standard kickstand though, so will keep showing it as the preferred leg position in quarter guard.

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