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03 February 2019

03/02/2019 - NoGi shoulder clamp, open mat

Class #1106
Artemis BJJ (MYGYM Bristol), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 03/02/2019

I went through the James Boyle variation on the shoulder clamp again, still mainly teaching it like Aaron Milam showed me in his 2017 private lesson at the Leuven Camp. James' version adds in more leverage, along with that straightforward sweep, where you just bundle them over by shifting your weight.

I had a quick roll with Erick after that, continuing to practice my framing. I also took the opportunity to give a lapel grip a go that I saw on reddit from Breck Still. You pull the gi tail over their back and feed it to your hand, but then you also overhook their arm and feed it again to your overhook. Still calls it the 'master lock' (as he likes giving things names like that), I'd just call it an overhook gi tail grip.

That felt like a strong control, but I wasn't clamping the overhooked arm enough to kill his post when I was attempting to butterfly sweep. I think I also was letting myself get too stacked to move into a triangle properly, but it was very handy to have my right arm free (like Still says).

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