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08 February 2019

2nd Seminar with Charles Harriot, chokes and back maintenance

Seminar #034
Artemis BJJ, Charles Harriott, Bristol, UK - 08/02/2019

Good general rule, don't bend your hand up, bad for the wrist.

The choke is all about the chest. Put your arms in place, elbows close together. Doing the macarena, hand on your shoulder (instead of behind their head). Bring your elbow forwards, trying to get your elbows to meet. Get your other hand to your other shoulder. Back is straight, don't lean back: often you might need to shuffle your hips back, so there is space by your crotch. Crotch should not be pressed against their back.

You don't want to be doing any movement. Expand chest, don't breathe normally. Circular breathing, so chest doesn't rise and fall. Keep your head at the same height as their head. If they are taller, slide back to get your head at the same height.

If you only have one arm around, not yet in place, use your chin on their shoulder to keep control. Imagine you have vampire teeth under your chin, bite them in the front of the shoulder. Use your free hand to keep pushing their hand along your arm, until you can lock it by the ledge: be careful they can't grab your hand at this point. Also remember, you can always switch to a bow and arrow.

If you have that arm around, but they've managed to pull it down, use your free hand to push their shoulder forward. If it's really low, push their elbow, so that you can grab their far tricep with your choking arm. Once you've worked that to the ledge, pushing their hand out of the way if you need to, you can choke with one arm. They will probably try to pull that arm off the ledge, so protect it with your chin, over the top.

When they push up and drive you to your back, put your feet behind their knees, extend and sit them back up. Alternatively, you can turn them towards your choking arm. Bottom hook is on the choking side, your other foot is behind their leg, extending and preventing their turn.

Bottom hook the more important, also use a shoulder wedge to control them. Your shoulder behind their head as you grip.

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