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22 March 2019

22/03/2019 - Teaching | Back | Dog leg armbar/shoulder lock

Teaching #846
Artemis BJJ (Easton Road), Can Sönmez, Bristol, UK - 22/03/2019

Secure the crucifix by driving your knee in from the side ride, flaring your knee out, then hooking their arm with your other heel. Drag their arm back and make sure it stays trapped between your legs.

Put the knee nearest their head slightly forward, still controlling their arm. Turn to face their legs, grabbing their ankle to anchor yourself in place, with your head in line with their bum. At this point you will need to switch your legs, so that you can get the leg further away from their head closer to their wrist. Twist your body and swing the leg furthest from their head backwards, still hooking the arm. Do this movement gradually, as that shoulder lock can come on quickly, depending on their flexibility.

Teaching Notes: Putting your free knee into their shoulder, worth emphasising. Also, is there a slight backwards motion as well as bringing the leg out (like a dog weeing)? Often turns into an armbar instead of a shoulder lock, not sure that matters too much. Does seem to work, as long as you get that angle right and lock the shoulder down.

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